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My Favorite Winter Activities by Zoe R.

November 30, 2011

Guest Blogger, Zoe R.*

Introducing the newest guest blogger to grace FashionPlaytes: Zoe R. from Chicago! She’s a fabulous 8 year old fashionista who loves writing — and even has her own fashion blog: Manicures & Math Class! Hope you enjoy.

– Samantha,

My Favorite Winter Activities

I live in Chicago where there is a lot of snow in winter. I like to take advantage of the wonderful snow (even if my mom doesn’t) to do these awesome winter activities.

#1.  Building Snowmen
Chicago is a wonderful place to build snowmen because there is very good packing snow – wet and chunky. I love to build snowmen! Here is my method:

  • Roll out a big base, roll out a slightly smaller ball to be the middle, roll a small ball to be the head
  • Decorate however you want! Here are some decorating ideas: carrot nose, button eyes, tiara or crown for a snow queen.

#2.  Snowball Fights
Snowball fights are awesome! We are not allowed to have snowball fights at school because it’s possible that someone could get hurt. Because of this, I like to have snowball fights at home with my dad because I can clobber him! Here are three steps to make a good snowball:

  • Get a handful of snow, pack it tight, then throw it someone!

#3.  Sledding
Even though I live in a flat area, I love to go sledding. Last year, the Park District in my town made a new sledding hill by the train tracks. The sledding hill is flat on top, which is good because it is sort of like a launch pad. And there is a big slope where you can go down. At the bottom, you skid on the big field below. It is awesome!

Guest Blogger, Zoe R.

It’s important to have the right winter gear while doing these activities! When I play in the snow, I always wear a big winter jacket, snow pants, big gloves, a scarf and a hat. The big gloves are better for making snowballs because they pack really well. But wool gloves are not good because snow seeps through and they get all wet.

What is your favorite winter activity?

- Zoe R.

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  1. reesiecup1 permalink
    November 30, 2011 1:56 pm

    Hey! I also love having snowball fights, building snowman, and even sledding down my hill! It can snow where I live once or twice a year. Last year, it snowed on Christmas Eve and on Christmas! And then it snowed right before my brothers birthday! :)

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